Basic Navigation

Basic Navigation

The Astria LMS is a cloud based learning management system, that will help manage all learning activities and the learning / development of your students and faculty.

With the Astria LMS, you can automate the administrative tasks of tracking courses in a catalog, recording & tracking student’s data, charting a student’s progress, and delivering eLearning for students.

In this article, you will learn how to navigate through the Astria Learning Management System and manage your dashboard and sidebar.

The Astria LMS user interface has three main components: the Dashboard, Global Navigation, and Sidebar

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log into Astria LMS. It provides a high-level overview of your courses.

The Dashboard has two different viewing options - Course Card, List View and Recent Activity.

Course Card View

Course Card view displays a course card for each of your favorite courses.

Each card can include up to four icons for Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, and Files. These icons mimic visibility and order in Course Navigation.

Any new or unread activities are indicated on the appropriate icon with a number badge, and you can directly access these activities by clicking the icon.

To help organize your dashboard, you can manage the settings for course cards by clicking the Options icon.

In the Colors tab you can enter a nickname for your course, and change the color of the course card by selecting from the options or by entering a HEX code. Click the Apply button to save your changes.
In the Move tab, you can reorder your course cards on the dashboard.

Recent Activity

Recent Activity view displays a stream of recent notifications from all your courses, including announcements, conversations, assignments, and discussions.
New or unread activities are shown by the indicator dot. You can view the details of each activity by clicking the Show More link. To collapse recent activity, click the Show Less link.
  You can directly access your recent activities by clicking the link for that activity. To remove a notification, click the Remove icon. 

The Sidebar

The sidebar includes a Coming Up feed [1], Recent feedback [2] and Start a New Course and View Grades buttons [3]. 

The Coming Up feed lists upcoming assignments and events within your courses.

 Any feedback you have received on your assignment will be displayed in the Recent Feedback.

To view grade information for your courses, click the View Grades button. You can quickly access grades for any of your courses and view Student Interactions reports.

Note that when viewing the Astria LMS with a small screen resolution, any sidebar content aligns with the bottom of the page. 
The final interface component is the Global Navigation menu, which gives you direct access to your courses and other areas of the LMS. This menu is accessible from any page within the Astria LMS.

To modify your user settings specify your notification preferences, upload personal files, manage ePortfolios and Log out, click the Account link.

Click the Dashboard link to return to the Dashboard at any time.

To access your favorite courses or view a list of all your courses, click the Courses link.

Click the Calendar link to view the global calendar, which shows assignments and events from each of your courses.

 To view your messages, click the Inbox link. In the Inbox, you can compose and send messages to students and other users. You can also view any existing conversations.

Course interface

Now let’s take a look at the Course interface. To view the Course Interface, click the Courses link in Global Navigation and click the name of a course you’d like to view.

The course interface consists of 4 main components: the Course Navigation [1], the Content Area [2], the Breadcrumb Navigation [3], and the Sidebar [4]. 

The course navigation menu provides links to the different areas of your course. This menu may be customized, so it may vary slightly from course to course. You can collapse this menu by clicking the menu icon

When you click a link in Course Navigation, content from the corresponding area in the LMS will be displayed in the Content Area. The Breadcrumb Navigation shows your current location within a course and allows you to easily return to a previous screen. The Course Sidebar is dynamic and will change depending on where you are within the course. It provides tools and resources to help you build and manage your course.


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