Course Student View

Course Student View

Student View allows you to see the course as a student views it and create a Test Student for your course. You can use Student View to see how your students view assignments, discussions, quizzes, and other areas of the Astria LMS. Please note that Student View does not differentiate between published and unpublished content in the instructor view and should not be used as an accurate portrayal of the content currently available to students.

There is a separate Test Student account for each course in the Astria LMS. Whenever you move to a new course you will need to enable Student View for that course.

Note: Submissions and scores for the Test Student do not affect course analytics.

To see the student's perspective on Astria LMS, use Student View to:

  1. View the course
  2. Post and reply to Discussions
  3. Submit Assignments
  4. View Grades
  5. View People
  6. View Pages
  7. View the Syllabus
  8. View Quizzes
  9. View the Calendar
  10. View the Scheduler (if enabled)
Conversations,  Groups, and Profile do not work for the Test Student. You will see only what you, as the instructor, allow your students to see.

Note: You can only view the course layout as it is seen by your students. You cannot view student-specific information, such as conversations between students.

Open student view

View Course

You can now view the course as a student user would see it. For example, students cannot see the Settings navigation link like instructors can.

You will know if you are in Student View because of the persistent box at the bottom of the screen indicating you are logged into Student View.

You can also reset the Test Student by clicking Reset Student [1]. This action will clear all activity that does not include any student interaction.

For example, if you created an assignment and submitted it as the Test Student but then forgot to add a certain submission type, you can click the Reset Student button and submit the assignment again as the Test Student.

To return to your course in the instructor view, click the Leave Student View button [2].

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