What are Courses?

What are Courses?

The Courses menu displays your favorite courses. If no courses are selected as favorites, the course list displays all current courses. If a course includes term dates, the name of the term appears as part of the course listing.

To view a course, click the name of the course. To customize your courses list or view all your courses, click the All Courses link.

View Courses

The Courses page contains a full list of courses that one is currently enrolled in. You may also be able to view past and future enrollment courses.

You can mark as favorite any active course that appears on the course list page. To favorite a course, click the star next to a course [2]. A course with a filled star will indicate the course is a favorite. 

You can also create a new course by clicking on the Add New Course button [1].

Courses that are available to you are listed in blue text [3]. These courses have been published and include a link to the course. To open a course, click the name of the course.

You can also view any nicknames you have created for courses [4].

If a course includes a Term Date [5], the term date displays next to the course name.

Each course includes your Erollment Status [6]. Statuses can be student, teacher, TA, observer, designer, or a custom role as created by your institution.

The published status for each course displays in the Published column [7]. Unpublished courses display a gray background, and it won’t include a link to the course.

View Past Enrollments

Courses under the Past Enrollments heading are courses that have concluded, but are still available as a read-only archived course. 
Prior users can view course material and grades, but cannot submit any assignments.

Note: Some institutions may not allow past enrollments to display in the Courses page.

View Future Enrollments

Future Enrollments are courses that will be made available as part of an upcoming term or specific course start date.

Future courses may be published or unpublished. However, some institutions may restrict instructors from accessing courses before the term begins. If a future course does not include a link, the course cannot be viewed until the term start date.

View Groups 

If you are enrolled in groups, the Groups section displays any groups within your current courses. You can view all your groups.

Note: Favorite courses display in the Dashboard.

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