How do I add Modules to my course?

How do I add Modules to my course?

Modules are like content delivery folders. A module is designed to house all the materials you would like to deliver in a Week, Lesson, Unit, Topic or Chapter.

Modules can be set up with specific parameters to ensure students do not move ahead, or that they complete activities and assessments within the module. These settings can be enabled so that mastery of a topic is measured before students can move on to the next module.

The use of the settings is completely optional and available to experiment with the best fit to your teaching practice.

Open Module

In Course Navigation, click the Modules link. Click the Add a Module button. 

Type a name in the Module Name field. If you want to lock the module until a specific date, click the Lock until checkbox [1]. To select a date and time, click the Calendar icon [2].

If you have added at least one module to your course, you can require a prerequisite module.

Add prerequisites

 A prerequisite module means students must complete the added modules before they can view the new module. To add a module prerequisite, click the Add prerequisite link.

In the Prerequisite menu [1], select the module that should be completed before the new module.

To add additional prerequisite modules, click the Add Prerequisite link [2].

Click the Add Module button.

View Module

View your created module.

By default, your new module is unpublished.

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