How do I create a new page in a course?

How do I create a new page in a course?

As an instructor, you can create a new page to add to your course.

When creating pages, you can set page permissions as to who can edit the page: instructors (teachers), instructors and students, or anyone. You can also add a page to student To Do lists

Open Pages

In Course Navigation, click the Pages link.

Pages is designed to open to the front page for the course, if there is a front page selected. Click the View All Pages button to select a page from the Pages Index.

Click the Add Page button.

Rich Content Editor

Type a name for your page [1]. Add content to your page using the Content Selector [2]. Edit the content and add links and media using the Rich Content Editor [3] or switch to the HTML Editor.

You can decide who can edit the page by selecting the Who can edit this page drop down menu. Options include only teachers, teachers and students, or anyone.
You can also notify users that content has changed by selecting the Notify users that this content has changed checkbox.

If you are ready to publish your page, click the Save & Publish button [3]. If you want to create a draft of your page, click the Save button [4].

Note: If you try to navigate away from a page without saving, you will generate a pop-up warning.

In the Rich Content Editor, place your cursor where you wish to insert your file. You can add links to course, group, or user files.
The name of the page will appear in the Rich Content Editor and flash yellow. Then the name will turn blue, indicating it is a link.

Click the Save button.

Add Images to a Page

To add images, put the cursor where you want the image to be placed. Go to images and click the image you would like to add.
View your image in the Editor.

Add a File to a Page

Put your cursor where you want your in file in the editor. Select the document you want to insert.
View your document.

Add a Video to a Page

If you have a YouTube video, you can embed it with the Insert Media tool in the Embed tab. 

Paste your embed code in the Embed tab and click the Save button.

View your video.

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