How do I exclude an assignment from the course's final grades?

How do I exclude an assignment from the course's final grades?

When creating an assignment, you can choose to not count assignments toward the final grade. This feature allows you to provide feedback for assignments without the assignment counting toward Gradebook calculations. By default, everyone in the course will have the grade excluded unless you specifically assign course sections, assign individual students, or assign course groups to the assignment.

Assignments that are excluded from the final grade include a banner at the top of the assignment page and the assignment details page. The Gradebook and student Grades page also includes an icon showing the grade has been excluded.

Note: This feature is only available in assignments; it does not apply to graded discussions or quizzes.

Open Assignments

Exclude Assignment from Final Grade

Click the Do not count this assignment toward the final grade checkbox [1].

Click the Save button [2].
Note: If your assignment has not yet been published, the assignment will show the Save & Publish button. The Save button will create a draft of your assignment so you can publish it later.

View Assignment

View your assignment with the banner showing the assignment does not count toward the final grade.

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