How do I manage Course Navigation links?

How do I manage Course Navigation links?

As an instructor, you can control which links appear in Course Navigation. Astria LMS includes a set of default Course Navigation links that are shown by default and cannot be renamed. Depending on your course configuration, other links may be available and may be customizable.

Links to sections that don't have any content and that students cannot create content for will be automatically hidden for students and will display the Visibility icon to instructors. For example, if there are no learning outcomes set for the course, you will see the Outcomes link with the Visibility icon, but students will not see the link at all. Configured External Apps may create additional Course Navigation links.

Disabling a course navigation link creates the following redirects:

Hidden only (cannot be disabled but still accessible via direct URL): Discussions and Grades

Page disabled; redirected to Home page: Announcements, Assignments, Conferences, Collaborations, Files, Modules, Outcomes, Quizzes, Pages, People, Rubrics, and Syllabus

Page disabled; won't appear in navigation: Any LTI links, such as Attendance, Chat, and SCORM

Reordering and hiding Course Navigation links for Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, and Files also affects the course tabs in the Dashboard course view for all users. Additionally, disabling the Files link will hide the Files tab in the Content Selector in the Rich Content Editor for students.

The following course navigation links will still be visible to instructors even if they have been hidden or disabled: Home, Announcements, Assignments, Collaborations, Conferences, Discussions, Files, Grades, Modules, Outcomes, Pages, People, Quizzes, Rubrics, Settings, and Syllabus.


Navigation links that cannot be disabled require the URL access to display related data in other Astria LMS areas. Access to hidden pages may be further restricted by changing specific student permissions in Astria LMS. Contact your Astria LMS admin for assistance.

If you disable the Course Navigation link for an external tool, the link no longer displays in your Course Navigation list.

If the course navigation link for the page is disabled and hidden from students, the Student View button does not display.

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Open Navigation

Click the Navigation tab.

You can use the drag and drop option to reorder navigation links. Click the navigation link you would like to move. Drop the navigation link in the desired location by releasing the mouse.

You can also use the Move To option to reorder a navigation link. Click the Options icon [1] and select the Move link [2].

Note: The Move To option only moves a navigation link within its respective section (visible or hidden). Hidden items must first be enabled before they can be ordered among visible navigation items. A hidden item cannot be moved directly to the enabled link section using the Move To option.

To hide a navigation link, click the link Options icon [1] and select the Disable option [2].

You can also drag and drop the link to the hidden section at the bottom of the page.

To enable a link in the hidden section, click the Options icon [1] and click the Enable button [2].

You can also drag and drop the link above the hidden section.

To save changes, click the Save button.

View the Course Navigation Menu. Navigation links will display in the same order that you have designated in Course Settings.

Any Course Navigation link that is hidden from students displays the Visibility icon [1]. A link may be hidden to students because the feature area has no content [2] or because the link is disabled [3].

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