How do I use modules to view the progress of students in a course?

How do I use modules to view the progress of students in a course?

Within Modules, you can view the progress of your students and see how they are progressing through the course.

Module progress is determined by the students completing required elements in the module. If you don't set up any requirements, you won't be able to track your students' progress within each module. Required elements may include requiring the students viewing a page, submitting an assignment, or earning a minimum score on an assignment or quiz.

Note: Numerous module items may affect performance. Modules supports up to 100 module items in the student progress page.

Open Modules

In Course Navigation, click the Modules link.


View Student Progress

Modules display an overview of each module and the content within each module. Any completion requirements are listed next to the module content item [1]. Prerequisite requirements are posted at the top of the module [2].

To view student progress in your course, click the View Progress button [3].

Select Student

When opening the View Progress window, the LMS will always default to show the first student in your course (listed alphabetically by last name).

To view progress for another student, click the student's name in the Student Progress list.

View Module Progress

The Module Progress window shows the progress of each student in your course. Modules can be completed, in progress, locked, or unlocked.

In Progress [1]: the student has started but not finished the module

Completed [2]: the student has completed the module, or the module has no completion requirements

Unlocked [3]: the student can access but has not yet started the module

Locked [4]: the module cannot yet be accessed by the student because of completion or prerequisite requirements

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