How do I create a Quiz?

How do I create a Quiz?

You can add your own questions to your quizzes. You can create various types of quiz questions. Individual questions can also be added to question groups.

Open Quizzes

In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link. Click the Add Quiz button.

Edit Quiz Details

When creating a new quiz, the Astria Learning Management System defaults to the Details tab.

In the Unnamed Quiz field [1], you can add a name for your quiz.

Create any instructions for the Quiz in the Rich Content Editor [2].

Select the Quiz Type [3].

Categorize the quiz into the proper Assignment Group [4].

Set Quiz Options [5]. Quiz settings have several options. 

Shuffle Answers: You can shuffle (randomize) answers. (You can also shuffle questions by creating a question group.)

Time Limit: You can choose to set a time limit by entering the number of minutes students have to complete the entire quiz. Timed quizzes begin once a student begins the exam and do not pause if the student navigates away from the quiz. If no time limit is set, students will have unlimited time to complete the quiz.

Note: If a timed quiz is automatically submitted after a student loses internet connectivity, the submission timestamp and time to complete the quiz may not align with the allotted time limit and/or the availability dates.

Multiple Attempts [6]: You can allow multiple attempts. Quiz Responses: You can choose to allow students to view their answers, any automatic feedback generated by the quiz for correct or incorrect answers, and which questions they got wrong. Quizzes default to this option, so if you do not want students to see their quiz responses, deselect the checkbox.

As part of this option, you can restrict students' view of the quiz results to Only Once After Each Attempt. Students will only be able to view the results immediately after they have completed the quiz—results include both their responses and the correct answers.


Students will still see their quiz score upon submitting a quiz when this option is enabled. Because of this, this option may not be appropriate for quizzes that require manual grading, such as essay questions, where students may need to access the quiz results multiple times to see an updated quiz score.

When a quiz is saved with the Only Once After Each Attempt option, you can use the Moderate Quiz feature to give students additional views to their quiz results.

Correct Answers [7]: You can allow students to see correct quiz answers after completing the quiz. This setting enables a green Correct tab on every correct answer for the entire quiz. Quizzes default to this option, so if you do not want students to see the correct answers, deselect the checkbox.

As a part of this option, you can also control when and for how long students can see the correct answers by setting dates (and specific times, if desired) in the Show and Hide fields.

To show answers immediately after the quiz is submitted, leave the Show and Hide fields blank.

To create a date range to display the answers, set a start date in the Show field and an ending date in the Hide field.

To always show answers after a specific date, set a date in the Show field.

To hide answers after a specific date, set a date in the Hide field.

Note: If the Only Once After Each Attempt option is selected, it will override any show or hide dates or times. If you want to show or hide correct answers on any specific date or time, the Only Once option should not be selected.

One Question at a Time [8]: You can show one question at a time and lock questions after answering.


Questions will be locked even if a student clicks the Next button without answering the question.

If your admin has restricted students from viewing quiz submissions after the course ends, options 4 and 6 will not be available after the course end date has passed.

A few of the settings contain expanded menu options:

Allow Multiple Attempts

Recent Quiz Score —You can choose whether to keep the highest score, the latest score, or the average score of all attempts. By default, will keep the highest score unless this setting is changed.

Allowed Attempts —You can allow multiple attempts and limit the number of attempts. The default dashes represent unlimited attempts.

If you retain the Quizzes default option for students to see their quiz responses:

If you allow at least one attempt for the quiz, the Let Students See Their Quiz Responses area will display an Only after their last attempt checkbox. Selecting this option means that students can only see their correct responses after their last quiz attempt.

If you allow more than one attempt for the quiz, please be aware that not all students may complete all attempts and therefore may never see their quiz responses. For instance, if a student has three attempts but achieves their desired score on the second attempt, they will most likely not complete the third (and last) attempt. That means their quiz responses and correct answers will not appear because the last attempt was not completed. To allow these students to see their responses, you would have to manually change the quiz settings at a later time.

If you retain the Quizzes default option for students to see the correct answers:

If you allow at least one attempt for the quiz, the Let Students See The Correct Answers area will display  Only after their last attempt checkbox [4]. Selecting this option means that students can only see the correct quiz answers after their last attempt. This option will follow the current quiz functionality around multiple attempts. If a student never makes it to the last attempt, the correct answer setting will not apply. To allow the student to view the correct answers, you can manually change the quiz options at a later time.  

Show One Question at a Time:

Lock Questions —You can lock questions after answering. This option means that students cannot return to the previous question once it has been answered.

Set Quiz Restrictions [9].

To require an access code, enter the access code in the access code text field [1].

To filter IP addresses, enter the IP address in the IP address text field [2]. Note: Quiz IP filters are a way to limit access to quizzes to computers in a specified IP range. Filters can be a comma-separated list of addresses, or an address followed by a mask (i.e., or 

 Assign Quiz and Dates [10].

In the Assign field, you can assign the quiz to everyone, a course section, or an individual student.

You can set the Due Date, Available From the date, and available Until the date for the quiz. These fields are optional and can be set depending on how you want to manage the quiz:

  1. Due Date: the date and time that the Quiz is due
  2. Available From: the date and time when the Quiz will become available for students to take the quiz
  3. Until: the date and time when students can no longer take the quiz


If you have set section override dates in your course, you may need to select a course section and set due and availability dates that fall within the section override dates.

If you change the due date of a quiz that students have already begun, but not submitted, their quiz submissions will auto-submit based on the date and time of the original due date.

For auto-submitted quizzes, the submission time stamp reflects a five minute grace period that begins once the due date and time have passed and may not align with the assigned due date and time.

Create Quiz Questions

Once you have set up the settings for your quiz, click the Questions tab to create the quiz questions and points. You can create individual quiz questions, questions with a question bank, questions with a question group, and questions with a question bank in a question group.

Add Question

Click the Questions tab. Manually create a new quiz question by clicking the New Question button [1].

Quiz questions are not automatically numbered for instructors. To add a custom name to your quiz question, enter the name in the question text field [1]. Custom names can help you identify quiz questions more easily.

Regardless of the question name, students always see quiz questions in numerical order (i.e. Question 1, Question 2).

In the question type drop-down menu [2], you can create the following types of quiz questions:

  • Multiple Choice

  • True/False

  • Fill-in-the-Blank

  • Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks

  • Multiple Answers

  • Multiple Drop-down (can be used for Likert scale)

  • Matching

  • Numerical Answer

  • Formula (simple formula and single variable)

  • Essay

  • File Upload

You can link course content to create Quiz questions, such as linking a diagram image.

To set the point value for the question, enter the points in the pts field [3].

Update question to save your work [4].

Note: Quiz point values support up to two decimal places. Entering more than two decimal places will round the point value to the nearest hundredth.

View Questions

View the questions in your quiz. To view questions details, click the Show Question Details checkbox.

Note: Question details are not available in quizzes with more than 25 questions.

Click the Save button to save your work and preview the quiz.

Preview and Publish Quiz

Click the Preview button [1] to see what students will see when they take the quiz. If the preview shows the quiz the way you want it, click the Publish button [2].

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