What are Assignments?

What are Assignments?

Assignments in the Astria LMS can be used to challenge students' understanding and help assess competency by using a variety of media. Assignments include Quizzes, graded Discussions, and online submissions (i.e. files, images, text, URLs, etc.)

The Assignments page will show your students all the Assignments that will be expected of them and how many points each is worth.

Assignments can be assigned to everyone in the course or differentiated by section or user.

When would I use Assignments?

Assignments can be used to:

  • Assess how well students are achieving course Outcomes

  • Set up online submissions that can be quickly graded in the SpeedGrader

  • Grade online as well as student work submitted "on-paper"

  • Create differentiated assignments for sections

  • Set up peer reviews

  • Grade Discussions, either by the whole class or student groups

  • Open Quizzes for a limited amount of time

  • Record attendance

  • Create ungraded activities that align with course Outcomes

View Assignments

The Assignments page is designed with global settings at the top of the page [1], followed by the Assignment groups [2]. Individual assignments are nested within each Assignment group [3].

Global settings include searching for assignments [1], adding a new assignment group [2], and adding a new assignment [3]. To weight the final grade with assignment groups or bulk update due dates and availability dates, click the Options icon [4].

Any assignment created and published in the Assignments page will automatically show up in the Grades, Calendar, and Syllabus features so students can view them. The reverse is also true: any assignments created in the Calendar will automatically show up in the Grades, Assignments, and Syllabus features.

You can also organize assignments by placing them in Modules.

Note: You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the Assignments page. Press the comma key and a pop-up window with keyboard shortcuts will appear for keyboard navigation.

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